I have worked with Marco and Biz-Net for about a year now for our network support. Biz-Net is quite possibly the best tech company we’ve ever hired.

Marco certainly has been challenged with our “legacy” systems that we are still running, but has met every one of our needs. We upgraded our servers and desktops, and he also maintains our Virtual Private Network services with several remote workers. He’s installed some sophisticated backup programs, has fixed issues with our phone system, and is methodically improving our systems, both in terms of security and function. He has spent a lot of time cleaning up our network, and has gone above and beyond to make sure we are operational. He will keep working on a problem until it’s fixed. I appreciate very much that Biz-Net is very focused on security and backups…I have had experience with previous tech companies that have lost some of our data due to non-functional backups. I don’t have to worry about that with Biz-Net due to their diligence.
The monthly fees we pay are very reasonable, and I consider it well worth the price we pay for Biz-Net’s excellent service.

Geri McHam, President & Owner The Estate Planning Source
Biz-Net Offers the Whole Solution!

Our backup solution really wasn't a great solution. It made a lot more sense to go with a more robust and permanent solution than doing tape change outs every day. With Biz-Net there’s no question; at any point in time you can look and see that all the files are there and that everything is working as it should. You have reliance that all your data is backed up off site so there’s a lot of security and knowledge that your data is safe. We decided to go with Biz-Net because Biz-Net offered the whole solution. Tape is old and antiquated. If you're running your business without a backup at all, you’re crazy and you really need to call Biz-Net today!

Brent Richard, Operations Manager KTVN Channel 2
Biz-Net can provide solutions for your organization’s network.

I have known Marco for over 10 years. A few years ago we worked together supporting a Managed IT client that had offices in both Reno and Indiana. Marco is great to work with and shows a high level of technical competence in IT, planning, data backup, and cyber security. Marco & Biz-Net are a great resource to manage, support and provide solutions for any organization’s complete IT system.

Bill Ooms, President Business System Solutions, Inc.
It is like having your own IT Department

Our office faces a unique challenge when it comes to technology. Fortunately, we have Stress Free IT! The staff at Biz-Net makes sure that our unique problems never interfere with the day to day functions of our business. With their proactive approach, they spot problems before they can affect our network, making it so that we have less downtime and allows us to service our clients with outstanding support. Most of the time, they are able to fix our problems without even having to set foot in our offices. For a small business, it is like having your own IT Department without the costs or the headaches of managing it. They really make our IT solutions STRESS FREE!

V. Paige Murray, Vice President Aspen Insurance Service
Your service and the peace of mind Biz-Net provides is worth every penny.

You have provided us with your Stress Free IT Managed Services program for a fixed price per month since late 2011. In mid-2013 I compared 1-1/2 years of your cost with 1-1/2 years of our previous cost and found that, overall, your cost were very reasonable. I am pleased with the response time (usually immediate) and time and effort expended on taking care of all issues.

Network security and disaster recovery are priorities in my business. With what is going on in cyberspace today, full scans with anti-virus and anti-malware software, checking for security breaches, checking for and installing security patches, etc. are fast becoming a daily process. I am in business to make money and if I do not bill hours I do not make any money so I do not have the time to deal with these critical and essential tasks. Your service and the peace of mind Biz-Net provides is worth every penny spent and is considered a “must have” service.

Pamela Loy, Partner Turner Loy & CO
Biz-Net has always been there for us.

We have used Biz-Net for over four years now and are extremely happy. They do all of our IT monitoring, backups, and now our VoIP phone system. We find that it is better (and safer) to have one vendor do all our IT services, and we have lowered our costs while receiving more value by combining services. Our time is valuable and Biz-Net resolves our issues in a timely manner. I am very happy with the Biz-net team and I sleep well at night knowing that my network and data are in good hands.

Allen Gray, P.E., LEED AP, President Gray & Associates