What If your IT support, computer service, computer network support, and network services were all provided by one company, for one predictable low monthly fee? As a managed IT services provider, Biz-Net can help minimize downtime and emergency costs by monitoring and managing your network 24/7 - 365 days a year. With managed it services Reno businesses get peace of mind and security that their networks are safe and their employees will remain productive throughout the work day.

Our Care For Your IT plans are designed to ensure your computer support and computer service are top priority. You will not only receive VIP treatment, but you will get the IT services your business deserves, at an affordable price. As part of our program, computer consulting is always included. For many, finding services and  IT consulting Reno companies can trust is not easy, but with Biz-Net, we are always available to discuss technology upgrades or projects to keep your business ahead of your competition and on budget

Depending on the specific needs of your business, our Care For Your IT Managed Services plan can include:

  • Backup Disaster Recovery Services.
  • VoIP (Voice over IP).
  • Email Security Services.
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Services.
  • 24x7 Monitoring of your Network.
  • Security and Software updates and patching.
  • Cybersecurity Threat Protection.
  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Client Portal for Logging Support Calls

Whether you are currently looking for a quick business computer repair, network support services, technology upgrades, or specifically for managed IT services; Biz-Net provides the best IT support Reno has to offer. Let us prove it to you with our Free 2-Hour Network Audit. Give our team a call at 775-850-7700 to schedule an appointment or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

The Benefits are Obvious:

  • You'll avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs.
    Our network monitoring and maintenance will save you money by minimizing expensive network disasters - such as server or system recovery - from happening in the first place.
  • You'll experience faster performance, fewer "glitches", and practically zero downtime.
    Some parts of your system will degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang up, and crash. Our preventative maintenance and network monitoring can detect most of these problems early and may prevent them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime.
  • You'll feel as though you have an in-house IT department without the costs.
    As a “Care For Your IT " customer, you'll have access to a knowledgeable support staff that can provide computer support quickly should you have any kind of problem or question.
  • You'll safeguard your data.
    The data on the hard disk is always more important than the hardware that houses it. If you rely on computer systems for daily operations, it's time to get serious about protecting your critical, irreplaceable electronic information.
  • You'll receive substantial discounts on IT services that you are already buying.
    Most IT firms will charge you for every little thing they do: under our program, you'll pay one flat, affordable rate and get all the technical support you need. No hidden charges, caveats, or disclaimers.
  • You'll sleep easier knowing security is a top priority.
    Our network security services makes sure the "gremlins at the gate" are being watched and kept out of your network.
  • You'll eliminate trip fees (Ultimate and Premium Plans Only) and receive faster support response.
    As a managed IT service provider, our remote monitoring and management solution will enable us to access and repair most network problems right from our office.
  • You'll be able to budget for network support.
    Much like insurance, our IT plans help you avoid unexpected emergency costs.
  • You'll stop the majority of pop-ups, and spyware.
    We can keep annoying programs from taking over your computer and your network with the use of our recommended antivirus software.
  • You'll gain incredible peace of mind.
    As a business owner, you already have enough to worry about. We'll make sure everything pertaining to your network security and reliability is handled so you don't have to worry about it.

If your computer network could use some help or if you would like to normalize your IT costs, call our team today at 775-850-7700  to schedule your free 2-hour network audit.