Secure Your Business With Biz-Net’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Offering

Cyberthreats, attacks, hacks, phishing attempts, viruses, and even internal breaches can come at the most unexpected times and can easily derail your entire business. For these reasons, it is important to take precautions and plan for the unfortunate reality that most businesses in today’s environment whether large, small, or somewhere in between will all experience some sort of cybersecurity issue.

5 Ways Biz-Net Can Help To Protect Your Business From Cybersecurity Threats:

  • Employee Security Threat And Risk Management Training
  • Email Protection Software - Antispam
  • Endpoint Security Detection & Prevention
  • Strong Password Policies
  • Compliance & Regulation

Rest Assured Your Network Is Protected 24x7

Network Security Evaluation

Our  team will evaluate your network to ensure that all potential cybersecurity risks are addressed and a comprehensive plan can be put in place to protect the network end-to-end.

Multi-Factor Authentication

By utilizing a Multi-Factor Authentication solution across your organization, you can be sure that logins are secured and those accessing your accounts are who they say they are.

Web Gateway Security

Advanced monitoring and management of incoming and outgoing web traffic to prevent and stop malicious activity.

Mobile Device Security

More than 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and that number is on the rise. More and more people are doing business on their mobile devices; implementing a mobile device security strategy internally can protect your business from unwanted threats.

Threat Prevention Training

The best all-around network security includes a continuous way to keep your employees and staff informed of new and existing threats.  Our solution includes training on how your employees can do their part to avoid introducing potential issues into the network.

Data Encryption

Encrypting your data provides an additional layer of security and is a compliance requirement for some sectors. If you send personal, financial, or confidential data it is important to always encrypt your transactions and communications.

Dark Web Scanning & Management

The dark web has become notorious for hosting proprietary, personal, and even private data on individuals and businesses. Our dark web monitoring solution can continuously monitor for information about you or your business, keeping unwanted information out of criminal hands.

Security Report

Saying that your network is secured is one thing but actually seeing the data is another. We can provide regular reports to show the state of the security in your business, attempted attacks, thwarted viruses, malware, and a host of other critical data points that may be a requirement for your compliance or just for peace of mind.

Cloud Services Implementation

Whether you are looking for redundancy in your network, hardware elimination, or remote application access, cloud services may be the answer you are looking for. Our team can provide the answers you are looking for to determine if the cloud is right for your business.

Endpoint Security

Traditional antivirus has become much more sophisticated and for good reason, the criminals have become smarter. It is no longer enough to just load some AV software on a machine and expect results. With advanced viruses, malware, and even ransomware affecting businesses, a total endpoint security solution is required.