Dependable Business-Critical Backup. Simple, Secure, and Unified to Protect your business data. From tax records to client information, your data is essential in running your business. When it's lost because of an unanticipated natural disaster or even worse, it is stolen, you need to make sure you can recover that your critical files so your business can continue to thrive and grow without losing clients.

Data backup and recovery with Biz-Net, in Reno and surrounding areas, is the most important service you could ever sign up for, as Biz-Net specializes in computer, data backup as well as system recovery. We incorporate the most advanced technologies available that backs up ALL of your data, stores it securely on an onsite server the replicates your data, in an encrypted form, to two offsite data centers nationwide.

If any data is lost or breached, your business is vulnerable to significant revenue loss and even failure. We protect you against ransomware, accidental deletion, and disasters, providing you with peace of mind knowing that we can restore data in seconds. Biz-Net provides data protection solutions for businesses of every size, regardless of the infrastructure.

No matter what the circumstance, your critical business data is always available to you, no matter where you are.