Marco Romero
President and Founder of Biz-Net

Marco Romero is President and Owner of Biz-Net with over 30 years of experience in computer related fields. He has a Bachelor of Art’s Degree and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Marco’s true computing experience started as a programmer for a number of years, working and managing various programming projects. Marco has an extensive amount of experience installing monitoring systems for critical systems such as vibration monitoring, gaming tracking, and lottery business systems. He also has gained experience designing and managing high availability computer systems used in the gaming and lottery arena, with the installation of such systems worldwide. In his career, Marco has also designed and managed engineering development networks for the communications industry. The knowledge Marco gained while managing various IT systems has helped him immensely when he started Biz-Net (Business Network Services, LLC) in 2005 where he has been developing this computer management business ever since. The way we do business now is very different from when he first started. Biz-Net now works on a proactive management services model. This allows them to take care of problems before they become an issue, before they affect your ability to get your work done.

As President and owner of Biz-Net, which is based in Reno Nevada. Marco has focused on excellent customer service to meet the IT needs of businesses in the area. Marco’s customers absolutely count on him and his staff to keep their systems up to date and protected. They have focused on protecting their client’s systems with proactive monitoring and maintenance and continuously improving the technology and providing the right solutions for their clients.

Marco Romero
President & Owner of Biz-Net